State Mortgage Market Profile FAQs

The State Mortgage Market Profile takes some of the most popular and relevant economic measures at the state level and reports them on a one-paged, easy-to-read, report. Each state report also contains comparisons to the national metrics for each measure. 

There are a few options depending on how many states you need and your MBA membership status:

  1. Active MBA members receive one state for free, delivered straight to your inbox each quarter. The state each member receives is based on the address they provide within our MBA Member portal. If you are unsure about what your address is within the MBA Member Portal you may visit to find out. If you would like to change your address you may do so from the MBA Member Portal. There is also an option to change your address during the checkout process. 
  2. An active MBA Member who would like to receive state reports that go above and beyond their "one-state-free" subscription can purchase a subscription to the national version of the report which contains reports for all 52 states.

Your subscription starts with the next available issue, meaning that new subscribers won't receive anything until the next quarter reports are issued. 

Even though there is no fee for "one-state-free" subscription, you must take action to renew. Renewing is essentially the same as "re-suscribing" to the report and can be done by visiting the SMMP homepage.


Mix-and-matching - or building a custom list of states - is not an option. You must purchase the entire national package if you would like states above and beyond your allocation. 

Currently MBA is not invoicing for this report, so you must take action by renewing - or "re-buying" - your subscription on the SMMP website.

1. Homeownership rate (quarterly, most recent 3 quarters)

2. Origination volumes (annual, #, $, Avg. Size)

3. FHA origination volumes (annual, #, $, Avg. Size)

4. Measures of Housing Stock

  • Total Housing Units [broken by]:
    • Vacant Units
    • Occupied Units  
      a. Owner Occupied Units as a % of Occupied Units
      b. Renter Occupied Units as a % of Occupied Units

5. Mortgage Performance Metrics

  • Seriously Delinquent Rate (NSA, quarterly, most recent 2 and same quarter last year).
  • Foreclosure Starts Rate (NSA, quarterly, most recent 2 and same quarter last year).

6. Employment

  • Non-farm employment (SA, quarterly) [broken by]: 
    • Private non-farm
    • Government                        
  • Change in Non-Farm Employment (in number)                                                            
  • Unemployment Rate (SA)

7. Market Activity Metrics 

  • Refinance Loan Applications as a Share of Total Loan Applications (quarterly)
  • Government Loan Applications (FHA/VA/USDA) as a Share of Home Purchase Loan Applications (quarterly)
  • Home Prices, Year over Year Change

8. Population (Annual Estimates from Most recent year)

9. YoY Change in Population (change from last year).