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Meet the 2018 MBA Insights Tech All-Stars

By Mike Sorohan
April 17, 2018

MBA Insights 2018 Tech All-Stars

I will be the first to admit that I am technology-challenged. But my shortcomings come honestly.

In journalism school, I submitted copy to my professors and editors after composing stories on a manual typewriter--without a correction key (look it up, kids). My early career consisted of using mag cards (don't look that up). I got my first word processor in 1990--a concession by an old-school boss who nonetheless refused to believe that news could be covered in any other method than "the old-fashioned way."

AwardsEventually, I joined the 21st century. But even today, my nickname in the MBA IT department is "Human Error."

Fortunately for those of you in the mortgage industry, you are blessed with a plethora of individuals who not only embrace technology, they know how to use it, enhance it, deploy it and measure it. And then they blow it all up and reinvent it.

A year ago, MBA Insights inherited the Tech All-Star Awards from MBA's late, great magazine, Mortgage Banking. Filling those shoes has not been easy. The magazine and its eponymous editor and colleague, Janet Reilly Hewitt, instinctively understood the importance of technology in the real estate finance industry and devoted hundreds of articles and thousands of pages urging MBA members to adapt to change--or else.

In 2002, Mortgage Banking recognized its initial class of mortgage technology pioneers and innovators. Seventeen years later, MBA Insights keeps the light on.

This year we recognize a longtime tech "evangelist" who helped lay the groundwork for MISMO; an outside-the box thinker who is disrupting the mortgage technology marketplace; a passionate champion who is making the industry rethink reverse mortgages; an innovator who used his own experiences as a mortgage consumer to simplify and streamline the mortgage process; a no-nonsense process driver who is bringing much-needed automation to construction lending; and a visionary who recognized the value of technology in third-party verifications.

And this week at the MBA National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference & Expo in Detroit, we recognize this remarkable group of who push the technology envelope not just this year, but throughout their careers.

MBA Insights is proud to recognize its 2018 Tech All-Stars:

Rajesh Bhat
Co-Founder and CEO

Sean Faries
Land Gorilla

Harry Gardner
EVP of eStrategies

Nima Ghamsari
CEO and Co-Founder

Pat Kinsel
Notarize Inc.

Wendy Peel
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

"Our Technology All-Stars are designing tools that disrupt the industry, but also make us smarter," said MBA Vice Chairman Brian Stoffers, CMB. "They are the ones providing us both faster and safer mortgage business tools to advance our industry. We call the Tech All-Stars the unsung heroes of the industry because much of what they do takes place behind the scenes--but we could not survive or move forward without them."

You can read their remarkable stories in this issue of MBA Insights.

(Photos: Larry Glenn.)

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