MBA and ALTA's Digital Closing & eMortgage Boot Camp: San Antonio, TX

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MBA Compliance Essentials and the American Land Title Association are partnering to hold a Digital Closing and e-Mortgage Boot Camp. We will be reviewing the latest rules and how they are currently impacting the states.  The boot camp starts the evening before, with a networking reception with our vendors, technology experts, and industry leaders from the area. The day of the boot camp, we will cover such topics as moving from cutting edge to critical mass, monetizing digital transformation, leveling up with improved communications, opportunities to ask experts your most pressing questions, and more!

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa
9800 Hyatt Resort Drive
San Antonio, TX 78251

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Day 1

5:30 pm – 7:00 pm: Evening Networking Reception 
Don’t miss this kick-off event. Get in a digital frame of mind over cocktails with vendors, technology experts and industry leaders in your area.

Day 2

8:00 am – 8:45 am: Moving from Cutting Edge to Critical Mass 
Has the digital future finally arrived after more than two decades of talking about digital closings and eMortgages?  Record numbers of eNotes are being recorded with MERs and digital closings are now happening every day, but those transactions still represent a small percent of all mortgages and real estate settlements.  What is the timeline for significant volume increases on digital transactions?  Join us to discuss the latest trends, consumer, and industry data, as well as the results of your pre-conference survey!

8:45 am – 9:30 am:   WIIFM: Monetizing Digital Transformation 
Leveraging change to improve your internal processes and expand market share is business 101. During this session we will discuss how to get the most out of your organization’s digital adoption. Find out how to maximize your ROI as you implement digital closings and eMortgages.

10:00 am – 11:00 am:  What’s Taking Them So Long?  
Does it feel like you’re the only one pushing full steam ahead into the digital future?  Well actually, you’re not alone.  Even though it may seem like the “other guy” is holding things up, data shows most of the industry has started or has immediate plans to implement more digital processes. In this session, we will focus on factors the “other guy” must consider and address to conduct fully digital transactions. This shared understanding will help you better work with industry partners to speed up the adoption of digital closings and eMortgages. 

11:00 am – 11:30 am:  Round 1: Ask the Experts
This is your opportunity to ask our experts your questions about the topics shared in the morning sessions and provide your feedback on issues discussed. 

11:30 am – 1:00 pm:  Networking and Lunch with Vendors

1:00 pm – 1:45 pm: Leveling Up with Improved Communications
Believe it or not, one of the biggest hurdles to digital adoptions is communication. Strong communication practices and development of healthy feedback loops with industry partners, vendors and consumers are guaranteed to take your digital efforts to the next level. 

1:45 pm – 2:30 pm:  It’s the Same, but Different
There is no one size fits all approach to digital transactions. That means every organization has their own digital playbook that needs to fit into emerging digital standards. In this session we will focus on how digital transactions are different and how to approach those nuances at a high level and on individual transactions. 

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm:  Clearing the Hurdles 
Industry-wide transitions that don’t follow a uniform set of procedures are hard to navigate. If you are working in the digital space, you know first-hand that the processes are far from perfect. There are known hurdles we must figure out how to address as an industry. Siloed fixes will only complicate matters and slow adoption. In this session we will discuss some of the known hurdles in the digital space and talk about how they might be addressed. We will also examine what other obstacles could be on the horizon and how to proactively manage them.

4:00 pm – 4:30 pm: Round 2: Ask the Experts
Make sure you leave with all the information you need. Ask our experts your questions and discuss the day’s highlights from your perspective.   

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Vendor and Sponsorship Opportunities 

Vendor and sponsorship opportunities are available.  Please contact Claire Mitchell at ALTA ( if interested.