Commercial/Multifamily: General, Umbrella, and Professional Liability Insurance

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Series Schedule

CMF Series 2021 Schedule:
Commercial/Multifamily: Commercial Insurance Issues and Problems - January 14, 2021
Commercial/Multifamily: Catastrophic Insurance - March 18, 2021
Commercial/Multifamily: Self-Insurance, Captives and Fronting - May 11, 2021
Commercial/Multifamily: Ordinance or Law Insurance - July 27, 2021
Commercial/Multifamily: General, Umbrella, and Professional Liability Insurance - September 14, 2021
Commercial/Multifamily: Overview of Commercial Insurance Compliance 2021 - October 14, 2021
Commercial/Multifamily: Commercial Insurer Ratings and Property Claims - November 16, 2021

CMF Series 2022 Schedule:
Commercial/Multifamily: Builder’s Risk Insurance: Analysis & Perspectives - March 9, 2022
Commercial/Multifamily: Essential Overview of Business Income Insurance - July 13, 2022
Commercial/Multifamily: Commercial Insurance Compliance 2022 - October 6, 2022

Series Summary

Commercial insurance is a complex and dynamic component of the real estate finance industry. In recognition of the training needs of our members, MBA Education has developed a comprehensive program covering the various elements of commercial insurance. In collaboration with Insurance Advisors LLC and Fortress Risk Consultants LLC, MBA Education will offer 12 webinars over the course of a two year period covering the following four categories:

1) Introductory and Overview

2) Types of Commercial Insurance

3) Commercial Insurance Industry Processes

4) Commercial Insurance Compliance

Our goal is for MBA members to develop a better understanding of everything from the fundamentals to the complexities of commercial insurance.


This webinar will focus on the fundamentals of liability coverage, and what is covered via general liability policies, and how this coverage protects businesses from several perspectives, including premises, products, and completed operations. We will also discuss how general liability differs materially from professional liability, and how umbrella policies can sit over both, to provide higher levels of coverage.


2:00-3:30 PM ET

Experience Level

  • Entry-Level
  • Intermediate

Who Should Attend?

  • Real Estate Owners & Investors
  • Insurance Directors
  • Loan Closers & Underwriters
  • Commercial Servicers
  • Others concerned with insurance matters, such as attorneys and consultants who work within the real estate industry


  • Bernard "Bernie" M. Brown, CPCU, CLU, and President, Insurance Advisors LLC