How to Help Your New MLOs Close Loans in 1-2 Underwriting Touches

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The Complete 1003 Software recreates the human questioning sequence that a mortgage will go through in underwriting. Mortgage guidelines are presented under each question so a new MLO can learn them in the proper context. Also, over 70,000 underwriting decisions have been reviewed to capture every place where underwriter discretion might come into play. These discretionary areas are included in each guideline section so the new MLO can be better prepared to discuss these issues with their borrowers.

The MBA is partnering with The Complete 1003 Software to bring this solution to our members. The goal is to quickly ramp up new MLOs (also LOAs/Processors) on underwriting guidelines and structuring rock solid Pre-Approvals to reduce underwriting touches and “lender caused” fallout while increasing pull through and producing a better borrower experience for their customers and referral partners.


2:00-3:00 PM ET


  • Teach new mortgage professionals to analyze applications like an experienced pro
  • Help new MLOs submit complete packages to reduce underwriting touches
  • Increase inquiry to application conversion ratio through better borrower questioning
  • Provide a detailed roadmap of every place where underwriter discretion can come up

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior sales management
  • Senior operations management
  • Any C-Level executive wanting to reduce underwriting touches, increase pull through, and provide a better borrower experience


  • Alan Bercovitz, Founder,