Implementing Strategy: Leadership, Decision Making, EIQ and Culture

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Join MBA Education and Dr. Andy Schell, CMB for part two of the Strategy, Leadership, Decision Theory and Culture webinar series. In part two, participants will learn how strategy, leadership, emotional IQ, decision theory, and culture are important terms every leader should apply to the company they manage.

In part one, participants learned the components of a strategic plan, how personality impacts communication and connections that form culture. Part two provides participants with practical steps to:

  • Implement a strategic plan
  • Hire and develop the right staff
  • Create a robust culture

This presentation is based on the root cause analysis conducted by hundreds of behavioral scientists to identify the performance results from thousands of companies that Dr. Schell, CMB uses to show mortgage lenders how to improve performance.

Dr. Schell is an expert in the design and implementation of strategy with experience creating multiple national companies and directing the activities of hundreds of employees. He has four decades of experience as a leader/manager/coach directing the activity of both small and large groups of employees, including mortgage lending activity at Bank of America. His leadership knowledge extends from his hands-on experience and his doctoral academic pursuits in communication, strategy, and finance.

Please consider registering for both webinars. The first webinar is Wednesday, September 8 from 2:00 – 3:30 PM ET. Part 2 will be an extension of topics discussed during Part 1.


2:00-3:30 PM ET


  • How to design and implement a complete strategic plan that creates a better company
  • How to hire the right staff, unify a team, and match leaders to a team
  • When and how to implement a strategic change
  • How critical thinking and decision theory improves leadership
  • When culture is created and the techniques to preserve a robust culture

Who Should Attend?

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Branch Managers
  • Operational Managers


  • Dr. Andy Schell, DBA (Ph.D.), MSML, MBA, CPA/CFF, CMB, CEO and Managing Partner, Mortgage Banking Solutions