mPact Opens Doors Foundation 2020 Campaign!

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In 2018, the Commercial/Multifamily mPact Advisory Committee has made giving back to their communities a central part of their mission, selecting the MBA Opens Doors Foundation as its charity of choice. Each fall, the mPact team takes on a series of fundraisers with the goal of raising funds to support the Opens Doors Foundation's mission of providing mortgage and rental assistance grants to parents and guardians caring for a critically ill or injured child. 

This year, mPact is taking the campaign virtual! Help us support families in need while taking care of yourself! mPact will host a series of virtual events, from a yoga class to a mixology class! Each event will be offered at 5:30 PM Eastern and Pacific. All young professionals are welcomed to attend!

To attend an event, click on the event page below and make a donation of $25 or more. If you are interested in attending all 4 events, make a donation of $80 or more by clicking on any event and writing "ALL" in the description. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Krystal Thomas at

Event Schedule

  • Monday, December 7th: Yoga 
  • Tuesday, December 8th: Cooking Class         
  • Wednesday, December 9th: Music & Chill 
  • Thursday, December 10th: Mixology and Magic!

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