Chartered Realty Investor (CRI): Level II (Charter) Application Fee

MBA Member Price: $100.00

Nonmember Price: $100.00


The Chartered Realty Investor (CRI) Level II Registration Fee for the CRI Society's Charter Designation is available only to CRI Society Associate members. The CRI Level II Charter Designation recognizes the experience of the commercial/multifamily professional who has earned the Associate level designation and has achieved an understanding of more complex commercial real estate finance, knowledge of capital markets, securitization, portfolio management theory all incorporating ethics and standards.

The first step is to complete a registration package. By purchasing the registration package, the Charter candidate will receive:

· CRI Level II Registration Instructions

· CRI Level II Applicant Reference Form

· CRI Level II Application

· CRI Level II Examination Form

· CRI Applicant Disclosure Form

· CRI Applicant Conduct Statement


The Charter candidate will complete the registration package and submit to the MBA and the CRI Society for acceptance. MBA Education accepts CRI Level II registration on a rolling basis throughout the year and there is no registration deadline.

Upon acceptance by MBA Education and the CRI Society, the Charter candidate must enroll in the examination and pay the appropriate fees. Detailed enrollment information will be provided upon acceptance.

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