CC_S_200.1 Asset Management in Commercial/Multifamily Loan Servicing

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This is a commercial/multifamily course.

In the most general of terms, asset management is the professional management of an asset or group of assets to meet specified goals for the benefit of lenders, investors, and borrowers. In the case of commercial/multifamily lending, the assets are commercial real property and the loans that secure them. Asset management is one of the most important functions of the commercial servicer.

This course takes a broad look at asset management. It begins with a discussion of the goals of asset management and keys to successful attainment of those goals. Next, it looks at the roles of various industry participants in asset management: the servicer, lender, investor, borrower, and property manager. The course then focuses on the asset management functions of the servicer including property surveillance, borrower requests, and managing assets in default. From there the course examines the important tools of asset management loan document provisions - servicing agreement provisions, and third-party services - as well as how servicers rely on those tools. At the end of the course, there is an interview with an expert in asset management.


  • Goals of Asset Management
  • Participants in Asset Management
  • Servicer's Role
  • Asset Management Tools
  • Interview with an Asset Management Expert

    Seat time approximately one (1) hour.

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