CC_S_201.1 Commercial/Multifamily Servicer Background

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This is a commercial/multifamily course.

For as long as individuals and companies have borrowed money to invest in real estate, there has been a need for servicing. Servicing is the management and administration of a loan after it is executed (closed). In commercial/multifamily lending, servicing involves the enforcement of the loan document requirements, oversight of the property analysis, approval of any modifications or changes, administration of protection measures, and mitigation of any potential losses through the life of the loan. Loan servicers are the liaison between the borrowing and investing sides of the industry; they balance the contractual rights of borrowers and investors and manage any conflicts that may ensue.

CMF Servicer Background explores the evolution of the servicing role from its inception to today. It begins with a general overview of the role of the servicer in relation to the lender, borrower, and investor. It then examines the history of the commercial/multifamily mortgage industry and evolving servicing requirements. From there, the course examines ways servicers leverage technology to respond to increasingly complex demands from investors, regulators, and borrowers. It then looks at how the servicer's responsibilities have changed as the servicing role has evolved in the areas of processing, data and reporting, long-term oversight, and surveillance. Finally, the course explores the role and implications of ethics in commercial/multifamily servicing.


  • Role of the Servicer
  • History of Mortgage Banking and Servicing
  • Influence of Technology
  • Evolution of Servicing Responsibilities
  • Ethics in Commercial/Multifamily Servicing

    Seat time approximately one (1) hour.

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