CC_S_201.3 Commercial/Multifamily Sources of Funds

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This is a commercial/multifamily course.

Mortgage bankers, brokers, and direct lenders have a choice of capital funding sources. These sources compete for business based on price, service, loan terms, and relationship.

CMF Sources of Funds examines funding sources in commercial/multifamily real estate finance. It begins with a look at the factors that contribute to the selection of funding source for a particular loan, including borrower needs and preferences, lender offerings, and how investors influence the process. From there the course take an extensive look at the different funding sources available, including investment banks, thrifts, savings and loans, life insurance companies, Ginnie Mae, FHA, and the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs). The course explores what makes each of these attractive as funding sources as well as their implications for the commercial/multifamily servicer.


  • Funding Considerations
  • Investment Banks
  • Thrifts, Savings and Loans, and Other Banks
  • Life Insurance Companies
  • Ginnie Mae
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

    Seat time approximately one (1) hour.

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