CC_S_203.3 Commercial/Multifamily Agency Servicing Agreements

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This is a commercial/multifamily course.

Unlike CMBS pooling and servicing agreements (PSAs), which are specific to each pool of loans, servicing agreements for agency loans are typically a single contract that covers all of the loans or pools of loans serviced for the agency. This is possible because the loan and securitization documents for agency loans are fairly standard; they are not negotiated, as is often the case with PSAs.

CMF Agency Servicing Agreements looks at the various agency servicing agreements and requirements. First explored is Fannie Mae servicing agreements, followed by Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, and HUD/FHA servicing agreements. As the course examines each agency's servicing agreement, it discusses the purpose of each agreement, the standard requirements contained in the servicing contract, the location of critical requirements, the method of communicating changes to the servicers, and required forms for approvals and/or waivers of standard requirements contained in various guides or handbooks.


  • Basics of Agency Multifamily Servicing Agreements
  • Fannie Mae Agreements
  • Freddie Mac Agreements
  • Ginnie Mae Agreements
  • HUD/FHA Agreements

    Seat time: 60 minutes

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