CC_S_203.4 Commercial/Multifamily Portfolio Servicing Agreements

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Compared to agency/GSE and CMBS servicing requirements and agreements, which tend to be more standardized across the industries, portfolio lender servicing requirements and agreements may be as unique as the individual lenders. Typically, a portfolio lender determines the amount of servicer involvement it requires for the handling of its portfolio and the servicer's responsibilities. Additionally, each portfolio lender may document the relationships it establishes between itself and its servicers differently, depending on the organization. As a result, portfolio servicing agreements may be any length and may go into any amount of detail, depending on what that lender determines is necessary.

Commercial/Multifamily Portfolio Servicing Agreements explores the relationships and procedures defined by the contracts between the servicer and the portfolio lender. First, the course looks at basic requirements that portfolio lenders may require for its servicers and ways in which these requirements are communicated. Next, it discusses the common provisions of a portfolio servicing agreement and the responsibilities of the servicer. It then describes more about how servicing agreements are used to administer specific servicing responsibilities, such as lease reviews and borrower requests. Finally, it covers the role of the servicing agreement in outlining correspondent duties that may or may not be overseen by the servicer.

This is a commercial/multifamily course.

  • Basics of Commercial/Multifamily Portfolio Servicing Agreements
  • Outining Servicer Responsibilities
  • Additional Servicer Responsibilities
  • Correspondent Requirements

    Seat time: 60 minutes

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