CC_S_207.1 Commercial/Multifamily Servicing Operations Fundamentals

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Within every commercial/multifamily servicing organization, there are various operational duties that are essential to the successful management of loan portfolios. These duties involve cash management, processing loan transactions and events on a servicing system, reporting to investors, tax administration, insurance administration, and the administration of other collateral.

CMF Servicing Operations Fundamentals takes a broad look at commercial/multifamily servicing operations. It begins with a discussion of servicing processes in regards to basic cash flow. This discussion is followed by an introduction to the various industry parties involved in servicing operations and how authority is typically delegated. Next, the course explores roles in the servicing operation that deal with audit and regulatory standards, USPAP minimum servicing standards, SEC regulation AB, auditing attestation standard, and other compliance standards that impact the day-to-day servicing operations activities. From there, the course discusses the important management tools of servicing operations: data quality control processes, management reports, and metrics. The end of the course presents interviews with two experts in servicing operations.

This is a commercial/multifamily course.

  • Basics of Servicing Operations
  • Key Parties
  • Role of Servicing Operations
  • Audit and Regulatory Standards
  • Management Tools
  • Interviews with Servicing Operations Experts

    Seat time approximately one (1) hour.

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