RC_LA_CR_300.1 Customer Service Basics

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This is a single-family/residential course.

Providing quality customer service is incredibly important to every servicer's organization. One call resolution helps a customer service team to maximize efficiency, well trained and knowledgable customer service representatives allow that to happen. Borrowers are also more likely to refinance with your company if they have had a positive customer service experience.

Customer Service Basics describes the important role customer service representatives (CSRs) play within the company. It begins by outlining a typical department structure, the role of a correspondence research unit, and how a one-stop shop functions. Next, the course discusses the qualities of a successful CSR such as being customer oriented and knowledgeable and following procedures. It also looks at techniques to handle risky situations and effective communication techniques.

From there the course examines ways the servicer communicates with borrowers including integrated voice response systems, coupons and billing statements, stuffers, mass mailings, telemarketers, email, and the Internet. Finally, the course explores technology used to support the customer service function and ways to evaluate customer satisfaction.


  • Quality Customer Service
  • Characteristics of Successful CSRs
  • Communication Techniques
  • Common Communication Methods
  • Technology in Customer Service
  • Evaluating Customer Satisfaction

Seat time approximately one (1) hour.

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