RC_LA_SS_200.1 Introduction to Equity Products

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This is a single-family/residential course.

Thanks to home equity loans and home equity lines of credit, many Americans have been able to unlock the wealth stored in their homes. The growth in popularity of these home equity products has brought about great changes for borrowers and servicers alike.

Introduction to Equity Products discusses what equity products are and how they differ from other types of mortgage products. A side-by-side comparison shows what the two main equity products have in common and how they differ. The course looks into when home equity products are most beneficial to consumers. It reviews how home equity products have evolved over the years. Finally, the course reviews the laws that impact home equity lending.


  • Introduction to Equity Products
  • Special HELOC Terms
  • More About Equity Products
  • When Are Home Equity Products Used?
  • Evolution of Equity Products
  • Laws and Regulations

    Seat time approximately one (1) hour.

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