RC_RC_GO_407.1 Mastering HMDA Data for Compliance Professionals

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Because of the nature and breadth of HMDA data today, HMDA compliance is uniquely important to a financial institution. HMDA data tells the story of what loan products the institution provides, who it serves, and on what terms. It tells this story to government regulators, community members, and potential litigants alike. Indeed, it ordinarily is the first data requested by, and provided to, regulators and examiners in their reviews. Where there is a failure in the collection, reporting, and integrity of the data, the institution may face significant financial penalties and harm. Notably, all the cases brought against HMDA violators also require improved policies and procedures.

The Mastering HMDA Data for Compliance Professionals course discusses regulator expectations of a HMDA compliance management system (CMS) and best practices to ensure your HMDA CMS is effective and meets regulator expectations. It then focuses on the HMDA LAR submission process, including providing information about CFPB and FFIEC examination procedures. It continues with an in-depth discussion of best practices for ensuring HMDA data integrity that details various techniques in monitoring and audit. The course concludes with a summary of how institutions can use HMDA data to understand the story the data tells about their business and their competitors, and how they can best use that information to reduce risk and improve performance.


  • HMDA Reporting
  • Data Integrity
  • Analyzing HMDA Data

Seat time approximately one (1) hour.

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