Compliance Essentials: Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Resource Guide

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MBA Compliance Essentials: HELOC Resource Guide ©2019


The MBA Compliance Essentials HELOC Resource Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the key regulations and considerations surrounding HELOC lending. With a focus on Regulation Z, this guide summarizes and provides legal interpretation for both the origination and servicing of HELOCs. The guide speaks to the basic elements of HELOCs and "open-end" credit generally, and how their features differ from more traditional loans. The guide then covers the various disclosures, periodic statement requirements, and account actions and changes that every compliance officer needs to understand. Concluding the book is a concise checklist to ensure that your policies and procedures are in line with federal regulations.

Developed by:

  • Jed Mayk, Partner, Hudson Cook LLP

Chapters include:

  • Background and Overview
  • Open-End Credit Defined
  • Common HELOC Features
  • Early HELOC Disclosures
  • Account-Opening Disclosures
  • Periodic Statements
  • Account Actions and Changes
  • Rescission
  • Advertising
  • State Law Considerations

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