Compliance Essentials: Mortgage Insurance Essentials (MI) Master Policy Summary Analysis Resource Guide

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MBA Compliance Essentials: Mortgage Insurance Master Policy Summary Analysis Resource Guide ©2014


MBA teamed up with the American Mortgage Law Group to present this analysis of the impact on lenders of the new MI master policies. Learn about improvements in loss mitigation and claims processes, rescission relief, and servicing transfers, as well as key differences between the policies offered by each of the major MI firms as seen through the eyes of a mortgage banker. Free for all MBA members, this analysis is must-read for compliance and counterparty relations officers looking to understand how the recent MI policy changes will impact their business.

Developed by:

  • James W. Brody, Esq., Managing Member, American Mortgage Law Group
  • Robert I. Brayer, Esq., Associate, American Mortgage Law Group

Chapters include:

  • Recission Relief
  • Incontestability: Implementation in Specific Master Policies
  • Servicing Transfers
  • Loss Mitigation

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