Third Party Oversight in Mortgage Lending Resource Guide

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Outsourcing has increasingly become a way of life for mortgage finance companies and the complexity of third party oversight only becomes more complex by the day. Financial companies in the mortgage industry rely on vendors to provide an assortment of services. From loan origination to servicing and all the related activities (title work, appraisal, insurance), more and more service providers are added to the mix. By focusing on those activities that are core to a company’s business, outsourcing drives efficiency and time to market. Unfortunately, those benefits come with a price. Failure to properly manage these risks can result in financial loss, regulatory action, reputational damage, and the ability to maintain customer relationships.

MBA Education is pleased to work with industry experts to provide this valuable resource for organizations who rely on third party vendors. Consistent with previous guides released under the Compliance Essentials brand, this resource guide is delivered in an easy-to-read and fully editable format that enables you to get the information you need to succeed.

Key components of the guide include:

  • Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) Overview
  • The Regulatory Environment
  • TPRM Program Components & Life Cycle
  • Successful Methods for Driving Efficiency in Your Assessment Process
  • Vendor Management Maturity Model
  • Applicable Regulations for Third Party Oversight
  • Industry Standards and Frameworks for Third Party Oversight

Developed by:
  • Brad Keller, Senior Director, Third Party Strategy, Prevalent Inc.
  • Shawn Malone, Founder & CEO, Security Diligence LLC

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