Mortgage Loan Processor Onboarding Package

MBA Member Price: $650.00

Nonmember Price: $1,000.00


MBA Education is pleased to offer a comprehensive training package for newly hired mortgage loan processors. This package, comprised of 18 web-based self-study courses and roughly 30 hours of training, will provide students the foundational knowledge they need to get started in their new roles. During the training, students will be exposed to key concepts such as mortgage loan fraud, critical documents and data points in the loan file, appraisal and credit scoring reports, and basic regulatory compliance topics that every mortgage professional should know. 

While students are not required to take the courses in a particular order, MBA Education does recommend following the below path for the 18 courses in the curriculum:

  • RC_GO_100.1 Introduction to Mortgage Banking
  • RC_GO_100.2 Loan Production Basics
  • RC_GO_F_200.1 Mortgage Loan Fraud Overview & Current Trends
  • RC_GO_F_200.2 Mortgage Loan Fraud for Profit
  • RC_GO_F_200.3 Mortgage Loan-Level Misrepresentation
  • RC_GO_F_200.4 Mortgage Loan Fraud Best Practices & Resources
  • RC_LP_P_200.1 Processing Fundamentals
  • RC_LP_P_200.2 The Loan Application for Processors
  • RC_LP_P_200.3 Verification & Supporting Documentation
  • RC_LP_P_200.4 Property Appraisal for Processors
  • RC_LP_P_200.5 File Review & Submission
  • RC_LP_U_301.1 Analyzing the Appraisal
  • RC_LP_U_302.2 Credit Scoring Basics
  • RC_LP_U_305.1 Tax Return Basics
  • RC_RC_GO_200.1 Consumer Financial Protection Laws
  • RC_RC_GO_203.1 Privacy and Credit-Reporting Laws
  • RC_RC_LP_201.1 Introduction to Fair Lending
  • RC_RC_LP_201.3 Fair Lending During Processing

Students will receive an individual certificate of completion for each course upon achieving a passing grade.

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