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National Delinquency Survey is the recognized source on residential mortgage delinquency and foreclosure rates. Based on a sample of approximately 39 million mortgage loans serviced by mortgage companies, commercial banks, thrifts, credit unions and others, NDS provides the most up-to-date delinquency and foreclosure statistics at the national, regional and state levels. 

Delinquency and foreclosure measures are broken out into loan types (All loans, Conventional, VA and FHA) and by fixed and adjustable rate products. At each geographic classification, there are 7 measures provided as percentages: total delinquency rate, delinquency rate by past due category (30-59 days, 60-89 days and 90 days and over), seriously delinquent rate, foreclosure starts rate and foreclosure inventory rate. The number of loans serviced each quarter is also included in the data. 

What You Get by Subscribing with MBA 
NDS Results - Excel Format
Includes every measure available in the survey for a single quarter, including State, Regional and National results for all 11 loan-types, including both Seasonally Adjusted and Non-Seasonally Adjusted results where available.

NDS Report - PDF
A PDF document containing everything in the excel file, plus several pages of MBA analysis of the results including charts, graphs, historical context, maps and more. 

NDS Special Analysis Packet (Briefing Packet)
The Analysis Packet is where MBA will typically debut new additions to the survey like delinquency metrics delinquency trends by Vintage/Origination Year, judicial/non-judicial analysis and more.  The visual PDF includes relevant charts and graphs highlighting important facts, figures, and trends. 

NDS Press Release
Direct subscribers are sent a copy of the press release which typically includes quotes from MBA Research economists and experts.


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