CS_GO_100 Life Cycle of CMF Loans

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This course is only for purchase through a corporate training agreement OR through the purchase of the Level I package of the Commercial Servicing Certificate Program.

This is a commercial/multifamily series course, a component of the Level I Commercial Servicing Certificate Program.

Life Cycle of CMF Loans guides the servicing professional through the life cycle of a commercial/multifamily loan. It begins with an introduction of basic concepts related to commercial/multifamily lending, including an overview of the lending cycle, key parties involved in the lending process, property types and characteristics, property performance, loan types and features, and ethics.

From there the series examines the application, underwriting, approval, loan documentation, and closing processes; with particular emphasis on the relevance of each phase to the servicer. Finally, the series addresses loan servicing and the sale/securitization of the loan including servicing functions: loan boarding, asset management, remittance and reporting, and managing loan defaults.

Series Goals

Upon completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Explain the basic concepts of commercial/multifamily lending.
  • Describe the loan application and underwriting processes and their impact on servicing.
  • Identify the loan documentation and closing processes and their impact on servicing.
  • Outline the sale/securitization process and its impact on servicing, as well as servicing functions.

Series Outline

CMF Fundamentals

  • The Loan Cycle
  • Key Parties in the Lending Process
  • Property Types and Characteristics
  • Property Performance
  • Loan Types and Features
  • Ethics

CMF Origination and Underwriting

  • Borrower Application
  • Underwriting Process
  • Due Diligence Review
  • Loan Approval

CMF Loan Documentation and Closing

  • The Commitment Letter
  • Loan Documents
  • The Role of Counsel
  • Closing

CMF Sale and Securitization and CMF Servicing

  • Sale and Securitization
  • Servicing Functions
  • Loan Boarding
  • Asset Management
  • Remittance and Reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Managing Loan Defaults

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