CS_S_202 Benchmarking CMF Servicer Performance

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This course is only for purchase through a corporate training agreement OR through the purchase of the Level I package of the Commercial Servicing Certificate Program.

This is a commercial/multifamily series course, a component of the Level I Commercial Servicing Certificate Program.

Benchmarking is the process by which servicers measure their overall operational performance; identifying standards and comparing performance to those standards. Benchmarking CMF Servicer Performance takes the learner through the commercial/multifamily benchmarking process including benchmarking standards and definitions, the importance of benchmarking, and the ethics of benchmarking. From there it describes ways in which servicers identify external requirements such as federal and state statutes and regulations, industry standards, and international requirements. Next, the series explores how those external requirements lay the groundwork for setting internal policies, procedures, and standards to ensure the requirements are met.

This series also examines ways in which servicers assess their performance by measuring compliance with their policies, procedures, and standards, how they monitor third-party compliance, as well as how to address non-compliance. The series concludes with information on possible risks and consequences associated with non-compliance including common pitfalls, types of disputes encountered as well as their consequences, how to mitigate the consequences, and staff involvement in disputes.

Series Goals

Upon completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Describe the benchmarking process and its role in commercial/multifamily lending.
  • Discuss external requirements that influence servicing operations.
  • Explain how servicers develop internal requirements that support external requirements.
  • Examine how servicers measure their compliance to these standards.
  • Identify the risks and consequences of non-compliance.

Series Outline

Benchmarking in CMF Loan Servicing

  • Defining Benchmarking
  • Benchmarking Against Standards
  • Importance of Benchmarking
  • Ethics

External CMF Benchmarking Requirements

  • Federal Statutes
  • Federal Regulations
  • State Statutes and Regulations
  • Industry Standards
  • International Laws, Regulations, and Standards
  • Practice Question

Internal CMF Benchmarking Requirements

  • Loan Documents
  • Servicing Agreements
  • Internal Policies and Procedures
  • Company Standards

Measuring Performance of CMF Loans

  • Compliance Fundamentals
  • How to Measure Compliance
  • Monitoring Third-Party Compliance
  • Addressing Non-Compliance
  • Benchmarking

Risks and Consequences of CMF Loans

  • Common Pitfalls
  • Disputes and Consequences
  • Mitigating Consequences
  • Staff Involvement in Disputes
  • Case Study

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