CS_S_207 Servicing Operations in CMF Lending

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This is a commercial/multifamily series course, a component of the Level II Commercial Servicing Certificate Program.

Within every commercial/multifamily (CMF) servicing organization there are various operational duties that are essential to the successful management of a servicing loan portfolio. These duties involve the management of cash, the processing of loan transactions and events on a servicing system, reporting to internal and external investors, tax administration, and insurance administration.

Servicing Operations in CMF Lending begins with a broad overview of servicing operations, including an introduction to servicing operations, the parties in servicing operations, the role of servicing operations, the importance of compliance, and management tools. This section concludes with an interview with two industry experts who give their insight on these topics.

Next, the series examines system processing, examining the role of servicing systems used for loan boarding as well as billing and payment processing. It then covers system modifications and file maintenance, and ARM administration. From there the series addresses escrow-related issues, including taxes, insurance, escrow analysis, and reserves. The final section examines additional servicing operations duties, including payoff processing and defeasance, cash management, additional loan transactions (LOCs and UCCs), investor reporting and remitting, and portfolio accounting/cash reconciliation.

Series Goals

Upon completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Summarize the purpose of commercial/multifamily mortgage servicing operations.
  • Describe the standard system processing functions of commercial/multifamily mortgage servicing operations.
  • Provide an overview of escrows and related activities involved in commercial/multifamily mortgage servicing operations.
  • Discuss additional duties and responsibilities of commercial/multifamily mortgage servicing operations.

Series Outline

CMF Servicing Operations Fundamentals

  • Basics of Servicing Operations
  • Key Parties
  • Role of Servicing Operations
  • Audit and Regulatory Standards
  • Management Tools
  • Interviews with Servicing Operations Experts

System Processing in CMF Servicing

  • Servicing Systems
  • Loan Boarding
  • Billing and Payment Processing
  • System Modifications and File Maintenance
  • ARM Administration

CMF Tax and Insurance Escrow Administration

  • Basics of Tax Administration
  • Basics of Insurance Administration
  • Escrow Analysis

Critical CMF Servicing Operations and Duties

  • Payoffs and Satisfactions
  • Collateral Monitoring
  • Cash Management
  • Investor Reporting and Remittance
  • Portfolio Accounting and Cash Reconciliation

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