Appraisal (C): Revisions, Reconsiderations & Rebuttals

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Live webinar held on March 28, 2019.


This session covers the do’s and don’ts in handling appraisal revisions, reconsiderations and rebuttals. Basic tips for quickly and effectively reviewing an appraisal for issues or concerns will be presented. Followed by guidance on how to successfully provide additional data for the appraiser’s consideration without violating an appraiser’s independence. Finally, focusing our attention on what information would be most meaningful to include and how to best craft a winning reconsideration request.


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Appraisal Webinar Series:

  • Appraisal I: Evaluating Collateral Risk - 1/29/19
  • Appraisal II: Pros & Cons of Various Valuation Products - 2/28/19
  • Appraisal III: Revisions, Reconsiderations & Rebuttals - 3/28/19
  • Appraisal IV: Latest Developments in USPAP - 4/30/19
Attendees should expect to understand:
  • Quick tips for reviewing an appraisal report
  • Proven ways to avoid appraiser independence violations
  • Common pitfall of ineffective requests
  • Best practices for crafting an effective rebuttal


  • Heather Sullivan, Sr. Leader of Appraiser Education, Corelogic

Who Should Attend?

  • Underwriters
  • Processors
  • Loan Officers
  • Loan Officer Assistants
  • Any other intended user of appraisal products & services