E-Mortgages (A): Overview & Considerations

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Complimentary to MBA and MISMO Members. Live webinar held on March 8, 2018.


The first webinar in our series is intended to provide a foundational understanding of the concepts around an "e" or "digital" mortgage and what an organization needs to consider prior to implementing an eMortgage process. Attendees of this event can expect to gain:

  • An understanding of what constitutes an electronic mortgage.
  • The potential business benefits for adopting electronic mortgages.
  • A perspective on the state of electronic mortgages in our industry.
  • An appreciation of the opportunities and challenges when adopting electronic mortgages.
  • A list of what you may need to think about when adopting electronic mortgages, including the skills required by your team, compliance requirements, and legal considerations.

Series Summary:

Every industry is experiencing profound change as companies seek out new ways to utilize digital technologies to upend existing business models and create new opportunities. The residential mortgage industry is no different as digitalization is occurring across our entire industry. MBA Education and MISMO are pleased to present a series of webinars on the digitalization of the residential mortgage industry. This webinar series will help individuals in your organization understand the opportunities, considerations, planning, and challenges that exist within the e-mortgage space. Individuals who complete the series will be well positioned to utilize their newfound knowledge to identify opportunities to implement eMortgages that complement the strengths of your organization.

Series Schedule

  • E-Mortgages(A): Overview & Considerations (Complimentary)
  • E-Mortgages(B): E-Signatures & Tamper Evident Seals
  • E-Mortgages(C): E-Documents & SMART Docs
  • E-Mortgages(D): E-Closings
  • E-Mortgages(E): E-Vault/E-Note Registry
  • E-Mortgages(F): E-Warehouse Lending & E-Investor Requirements


  • Charlie Epperson, Chief Technology Officer, Signia Docs
  • Jeff Bode, Chariman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President, MidAmerica Mortgage
  • Richard Hill, MBA Vice President for Industry Technology, MISMO Executive Vice President

Who Should Attend?

  • Chief Operations Officers and Staff
  • Compliance Officers and Staff
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Heads of Corporate Strategy
  • IT Officers and Staff
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Information Officers

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