Generating Purchase Business Through Consumer Direct

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Live webinar held on January 9, 2019.

This program covers what you need to know to start or improve your consumer direct business in 2019. Consumer direct is increasingly recognized as important origination strategy for every mortgage banker. While consumer direct has been around for a long time especially in the refinance era, it is still fairly new to a purchase money environment. Starting a new consumer direct effort or changing from a refinance to a purchase money strategy requires understanding what pitfalls should be avoided.

This webinar will cover the latest information on how to incorporate a consumer direct approach in your company. From current volume results to best practices in staffing, compensation and what technology are must have to get started. You don’t want to miss this important webinar.

Attendees should expect to understand:

  • The Rise of Consumer Direct and its Growing Market share
  • Why are Companies pursuing this strategy?
  • What are present trend lines for Consumer Direct?
  • What are the Differences from Distributed Retail?
  • The Best Lead Strategies for Success in Consumer Direct
  • How does Lead Incubation work?
  • How should a branch network interface with CD
  • Winning Real Estate Agent Relationships
  • How do you Staff & Compensation Strategies
  • Should you Outsources & what Services are available
  • Starting from Scratch - what has to be in place?
  • Lessons learned in Consumer Direct


  • Pat Sherlock, President & Founder, QFS Sales Solutions
  • Joe Camerieri, EVP, Lenderlive Network
  • Carol Toren, President, CLT Consulting Group

Who Should Attend?

  • Sales Executives
  • CEOs; COOs; CFOs
  • HR Managers
  • IT Managers
  • CD Managers

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