Steps Warehouse Lenders Must Take in Today’s Market

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Live webinar held on May 7, 2019


This webinar is part of MBA Education's Garrett, McAuley & Co. Mortgage Banking Management Webinar Series.

Warehouse lending has been a relatively low risk business since the mortgage industry improved starting in late 2008, and few of today’s warehouse banks or their managers were active in warehouse lending when the mortgage market collapsed in mid-2007 and early 2008. Even fewer warehouse lenders were active during previous severe mortgage market downturns in 1995, 1998, and 2000.

However, history tells us that warehouse lenders must take a defensive posture when the mortgage market contracts, and the implosion of several mortgage bankers during the past year or so has left several warehouse lenders exposed to or taking losses.

Mike McAuley and Tom Kelly were experienced as warehouse lenders or as attorneys during previous severe industry downturns and wound down or worked out of literally dozens of warehouse relationships with mortgage bankers during the Financial Crisis and previously. During this fully-revamped webinar, they’ll concentrate on the lessons learned from previous industry downturns, best practices for identifying and mitigating risks, and what a warehouse lender should do when a mortgage banker suddenly collapses.


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During this webinar, we'll discuss the following:

  • How should warehouse lenders change their posture in today's difficult mortgage market?
  • What went wrong at some of the mortgage companies that have imploded this year and in previous years?
  • What are the key risks of warehouse lending and how does a warehouse lender monitor its clients to manage those risks?
  • What are some of the red flags that warehouse lenders should watch out for in today’s troubled mortgage market?
  • Which two crucial features are missing from many bank bailee letters that have led to bank losses?
  • What are MERS ETAs and why are they crucial?
  • What are the key fraud schemes and mitigants in warehouse lending?
  • What are the key lessons from the Taylor Bean and other frauds against warehouse lenders?
  • What should a warehouse lender do if a mortgage banker implodes?
  • What should you do when a warehousing relationship becomes a workout?
  • What are some common relationship dilemmas and pointers for dealing with them?


  • Michael D. McAuley, Principal, Garrett, McAuley & Co.
  • Tom Kelly, Partner, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Who Should Attend?

  • Warehouse lending relationship managers and credit managers at established or new warehouse lending programs.
  • Bank Chief Risk Officers and Chief Credit Officers.
  • Members of Bank Boards of Directors.
  • Mortgage bank CEOs, CFOs, and other senior managers who work with warehouse lenders.
  • Analysts who follow the publicly-traded banks with large warehouse lending businesses.
  • Private equity firms that invest in banks with significant warehouse lending sectors.

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