Successful TPO Selling: Prospecting for New Brokers

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Live webinar held on February 7, 2019.


Signing up new brokers is more difficult than ever. Originators don't come into the office or answer the phone as they once did. Account executives need to improve their prospecting skills if they want to be successful in 2019. The challenge for all originators including TPO is that prospecting has changed dramatically.

This webinar covers important strategies to win in third party origination prospecting and must attend for anyone in the broker space.

Attendees should expect to understand:

  • What has changed in TPO Selling?
  • The Reality of Prospecting Math for Account Executives
  • Why Prospecting for New Brokers is Different Today
  • What Four Parts to a Successful Prospecting Program Look Like
  • How Social Media is used in prospecting for Brokers
  • What are AE’s Most Import Trading Chips in Prospecting
  • The Four Personally Types Account Executive are Selling to & how to handle them
  • Making an Impression in Seconds
  • And many other important prospecting tips to succeed in third party origination


  • Pat Sherlock, President & Founder, QFS Sales Solutions

Who Should Attend?

  • CEOs, COOs & CFOs
  • Division, Regional Managers
  • Account Executives

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