Using Internal Audits to Detect Risk & Improve Profitability

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Recording of webinar held on June 27, 2019.

This webinar is part of MBA Education's "Mortgage Banking Management" webinar series with Garrett, McAuley & Co.


Increasingly, regulators and agencies are requiring mortgage bankers to demonstrate that they have either an internal audit function or an outsourced provider for internal auditing. However, many independent mortgage bankers have traditionally not staffed internal audit groups. This webinar supplements the separate "Introduction to Internal Audits" webinar from the previous week and includes a large amount of new and updated information from last year's webinar. This webinar is for mortgage bankers who have recently established an internal audit program but who want to enhance it as their business has become more complex. We will address the key requirements of a sound internal audit program for a mortgage banking company and more importantly, show how a strong internal audit program can reduce business risk, improve profitability, and increase market competitiveness.

This session will be devoted to companies who have more established internal audit programs that their leaders would consider to be "intermediate level" rather than "advanced level."


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The following will be discussed at this webinar:

  • The benefits of internal audits in detecting financial and business risks and detecting them before a regulator does.
  • How the top-performing mortgage bankers use internal audit to drive growth and improve profitability.
  • General scope and recommended frequency of internal audits for each of the key areas of mortgage banking.
  • Deciding when to use internal and external resources for internal audit: Case studies of successful practitioners.
  • Examples of internal audit plans and tools to prioritize areas for internal audit based on risk to the business and impact on the business.


  • Michael D. McAuley, Principal, Garrett, McAuley & Co.

Who Should Attend?

  • CEOs of private mortgage companies and banks with mortgage divisions.
  • CFOs of mortgage companies and bank mortgage divisions.
  • Mortgage company managers for production, secondary marketing, and operations.
  • Senior managers and Board members for publicly traded mortgage companies.
  • Warehouse lenders, private equity firms, and others who provide funding to mortgage bankers.
  • Analysts who follow the publicly-traded mortgage companies and banks with large mortgage banking businesses.
  • Private equity firms that invest in the mortgage banking or mortgage servicing sectors.

Mortgage Banking Management Series

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8. Using Internal Audits to Detect Risk & Improve Profitability (June 27, 2019)
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