Jamie Woodwell

Jamie WoodwellJamie Woodwell
Vice President, Research and Economics

 Jamie Woodwell is Vice President in the Research and Economics group at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), where he oversees MBA's research on the commercial and multifamily real estate markets.  Jamie's work covers the macro-economy, commercial and multifamily property markets, real estate finance, servicing, mortgage banking benchmarking and more.  

Jamie is an expert on the commercial real estate finance markets and he and his work are regularly cited in the media, on Capitol Hill and in regulatory settings.  He is a regular speaker at industry and corporate events; has appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg and in other popular and trade press; and testified before the Congressional Oversight Panel for TARP. 

Jamie also oversees MBA's commercial peer business roundtables including CFOs, CTOs, HR and marketing heads, and leads special MBA projects, including its CREF Careers, Council to Shape Change and the Council on Ensuring Mortgage Liquidity.  

CREF Careers is a one-of-a-kind program linking commercial real estate finance firms with universities and colleges across the country to attract a diverse workforce to the CREF industry.  In 2008, the Council on Ensuring Mortgage Liquidity brought together industry leaders representing MBA's diverse membership who were tasked with determining what a functioning secondary mortgage market should like for the long term.  In September of 2009, the Council released "Future Government Role in the Core Secondary Mortgage Market," a framework for government involvement in the single-family and multifamily secondary mortgage markets and a foundation for most subsequent reform proposals.  The Council to Shape Change brought together leaders from the single-family and commercial/multifamily finance markets to identify key trends shaping the industry.  The group issued its report "Outlook for the Real Estate Finance Industry" in 2006.  

Jamie joined MBA in 2004 from Fannie Mae's multifamily group, where he was responsible for multifamily data initiatives.  He has also served as senior director of business development at CapitalThinking in New York, research director at the WMF Group in Virginia, and research manager at the National League of Cities in Washington, D.C. 

Jamie received his bachelor's degree in economics and American studies from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.  He earned his master's degree in urban and regional planning from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh.

Jamie is a member of the Urban Land Institute, American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, the Housing Statistics Users Group and the Real Estate Associations Research Directors.  He is the past president of the ELH Management Corp. which oversees the financing of charter school buildings in Washington DC.  

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