MBA Senior Management Team

President and Chief Executive Officer
Robert D. Broeksmit, CMB, President and Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer
Marcia Davies, Chief Operating Officer

Senior Vice Presidents 
Michael W. Briggs
, General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Mike Flood, Senior Vice President, Commercial/Multifamily Policy and Member Engagement
Michael Fratantoni, Chief Economist, Senior Vice President, Research & Technology
Peter J. Grace, Senior Vice President Strategy & Member Services
Lisa J. Haynes, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer  
Bill Killmer, Senior Vice President, Legislative & Political Affairs
Pete Mills, Senior Vice President, Residential Policy & Member Engagement
Steve O'Connor, Senior Vice President for Affordable Housing Initiatives

Vice Presidents
Teresa Betz, Vice President of Operations 
Kelli Burke, Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Finance
Holly Cannon, Vice President, Human Resources 
Freddy Feliz, Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Rick Hill, Vice President of Industry Technology
Laura Hopkins, Vice President of Member Relations 
Elaine Howard, Vice President of Meetings & Conferences
Tamara King, Vice President of Residential Policy and Member Engagement
William Kooper, Vice President of State Government Affairs & Industry Relations 
Teressa Lurk, Vice President of Marketing & Design
John T. Mechem, Vice President of Public Affairs
Fran Mordi, Vice President of Financial Accounting, Tax and Accounting Policy
Bruce Oliver, Vice President, CREF
Jeffrey M. Schummer, CMB,  Vice President of Education Business Development
David Upbin, Vice President of Education, Operations, and Strategy 
Rob Van Raaphorst, Vice President of Communications
Marina B. Walsh, CMB, Vice President of Industry Analysis
Jamie Woodwell, Vice President of Commercial/Multifamily Research

MBA Opens Doors Foundation
Deb Dubois, President MBA Opens Doors Foundation

Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO)
Seth Appleton, President MISMO