About MBA's Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Workforce Diversity is Good for Business

MBA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee was formed in 2013 to provide leadership and guidance to help the real estate finance industry gain a competitive advantage by increasing diversity in leadership, workforce and suppliers.

Call to Action: MBA encourages all of our members to support these efforts and to recognize the following competitive advantages of embracing a diverse and inclusive workforce and marketplace.


Creativity in marketing, product development, servicing and secondary marketing are hallmarks of our dynamic industry. Having a diverse and inclusive workforce allows people to connect various new or different ideas and experiences to create the best overall business solutions. Regardless of a company’s structure or business focus, the industry as a whole gains when we value different perspectives, ideas, cultures, lifestyles and goals.

In Short: Creativity and innovation will be key factors to our industry’s growth and stability.

The U.S. mortgage industry has too few MWOB (minority or women-owned) firms that are originators, servicers, investors or investment banks. Yet, census data indicates that by 2050 there will be a “minority-majority” in the United States. The mortgage banking industry should reflect and prepare now for this reality, especially in our leadership positions, to ensure we can meet customer needs. Diverse customers will demand new products, come from new market segments and require different types of services. However, diversity success doesn’t usually just happen.

In Short: Future business rewards will go to those firms and individuals who embrace the changing nature and nuances of our society, and who will be best positioned to quickly capitalize on and expand market opportunities.

After the recent housing crisis, many prospective employees and experienced staff turned away from the financial services / mortgage banking industry as a viable career. The mortgage business, however, is still an industry full of opportunities for smart, motivated and entrepreneurial people. Retaining, mentoring and promoting top-tier talent avoids staff turnover, supports continuity and reduces business costs.

In Short: The industry should be inclusive and look for diverse candidates when seeking the best and the brightest talent to attract to and retain.

Much has been written about, measured and discussed recently regarding America’s growing income inequality and wealth gap. Homeownership is one of the most powerful ways to shrink the wealth gap. Further, numerous studies indicate that embracing diversity contributes to spreading out income growth, adding jobs and increasing economic development, all while making industries more effective and more competitive.

In Short: The industry can play a large role in wealth building across diverse segments of Americans.

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MBA Releases Fact Sheet on Federal Inter-Agency Standards for Diversity and Inclusion (Issued June 9, 2015).