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92 Days of Summer

Summer is here!

Sunny days and warm temperatures are here. As you gear up for 92 days of summer sun and fun, there are some in our communities who could use your support --- family, friends and neighbors, like the Gomes and the Schaebers, who are caring for a critically ill/injured child. For these and so many other families with children facing cancer, cardiac issues, serious injuries and more, the summer ahead means staring down mounting financial burdens, pending mortgage or rent payments, and time away from home in hospital rooms and care facilities. The stories are heartbreaking but with your support, their days can be brighter. 

Join our "92 Days of Summer Challenge" and make a donation of $92.00 or more to help a family in need. Your gift helps to pay the mortgage or rent for a family sitting bedside with a sick child.  Ready to join us?  Click here to donate now.  

*MBA covers all administrative costs of the Foundation so that each donation can be given directly to a family.