State and Local Advocacy Resource Center

This is your resource center! We understand the importance of advocacy and as such, MBA actively partners with associations across the country to address issues relevant to the real estate finance industry. This approach not only offers state groups greater participation in national issue campaigns but also gives them the opportunity to take credit for their advocacy contributions in state member recruitment. 

Why State Association Leaders Love MBA's Grassroots Advocacy Tools

I'm the Executive Director for two New England associations and in both cases we rely on the Mortgage Action Alliance to serve members on federal and state member engagement. With the help of staff at the national, we've put timely MAA content directly on both associations' webpages which has helped provide greater value and reason for members to visit the associations' websites. Thank you MAA!

– Joshua Wolfe, Executive Director, Maine Association of Mortgage Professionals

Being a member of the MBA makes the MMBA have a stronger association and voice. MBA provides invaluable resources such as providing us with credible speakers, providing our members with access to MBA Education programs, disseminating key information on trending issues from other states, and helping us engage on state and federal legislative and regulatory issues.

– Deborah Sousa, Executive Director, Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association

MAA is a great tool for keeping our members up-to-date and alerted with regard to federal and state legislative and regulatory developments impacting them! Further, MAA helps us organize our annual advocacy events as well as helping enroll more of our members in our industry's grassroots needs! MAA is a total value add for our members!

– Alan Thorup, CRMP, Executive Director, Indiana Mortgage Bankers Association

Four Tools to Strengthen Your State Advocacy Efforts

MBA offers several tools for state and local associations to enhance the value they provide to their members. These resources also help you successfully navigate your state's advocacy efforts.

  1. Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA): MAA is MBA's free tool for industry engagement. It can also be used to focus on state and event local issues. See how your association can use MAA to best serve your state's advocacy priorities.

  2. Key State and Local Issues: This central repository contains MBA's state and local information and their accompanying documents, including issue briefs and larger issue white papers, and issue-specific web pages and key public policy web site links.

  3. MBA's State Legislative Database: This is a powerful way for MBA members and local associations to review, stay current and track any bill(s) introduced in any state legislature at any time, nationwide. 

  4. State Lobby Day Toolkit: Meeting with your state legislators during an annual capital day is easier than you think. Click the link to download our toolkit to see how we can help!

Opportunities to Get Involved in State Advocacy

Attend Our Annual Can't-Miss Events

Each Spring, hundreds of industry leaders come to Washington, DC for our annual lobby day, National Advocacy Conference. And every year, we kick off that event with another, our State and Local Workshop. Most of our state and local leaders join us for both events, and act as leaders with their own members during their day on Capitol Hill. We offer incentives for those who attend both.

Stay tuned for upcoming event dates! 

Get in Touch!

Join MBA's State and Legislative Committee (SLRC)

Need to engage the industry or discuss a state issue? This MBA member-only committee is an excellent way for state and local associations to help direct the industry's focus and attention on their issues. Learn more.