92 Days of Summer Challenge

ODF Summer Campaign

Summer is here!

As you and your family enjoy 92 days of fun in the sun, please take a moment to think about those in need of your heartfelt support - families who are facing financial burdens as they care for a critically ill or injured child. Families like the ones in our video.

With your support, the MBA Opens Doors Foundation can alleviate some of the terrible stress families like the ones above are experiencing by making their mortgage or rental payment for a month. It doesn't take much...here's how it works!

We are asking our members to make a donation of $92.00 or more todirectly impact a family in need*.

Since the launch of the Foundation three years ago, we have been amazed by the generosity of our industry. Now it's your turn. Together, let's make the summer a little brighter!

*MBA covers all administrative costs of the Foundation so that each donation can be given directly to a family.