CONVERGENCE Columbus: Steering Committee

A special thanks to our partners on the CONVERGENCE Columbus Steering Committee. This is a strong, effective group who are all making a difference to bring more affordable, sustainable housing options to Columbus communities. We are grateful for your support and collaboration.

Alliance for Affordable Housing of Central Ohio

  • Carlie Boos, Executive Director

Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education

  • Rebecca Wiggins, Executive Director

Central Ohio Community Improvement Corp.

  • Hope Paxson, Vice President, Programs and Housing
  • Curtiss Williams, President and CEO


  • Harry Cardillo, Executive Director, Community Reinvestment Strategy
  • Lionel Lynch, Executive Director, Community Reinvestment Strategy
  • Jacques McKee, Community Relationship Officer
  • Theresa Salim, Manager, Affordable Lending Relationships
  • Brian Stablein

City of Columbus

  • Hannah Jones, Deputy Director of Community Development

City of Westerville

  • Carolyn Thurman, Deputy Director, Planning and Development

Columbus Board of Realtors

  • Kathy Elliot, Vice President, Corporate Services
  • Lynn Hackworth, Manager, Equity and Impact
  • Michael Jones, President
  • Andy Mills, Immediate Past President
  • Ida Seiter, Director, Community and PAC Engagement

Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority

  • Bob Bitzenhofer, Vice President, Business and Development
  • Justin Davis, Vice President, Housing Choice Voucher Program
  • Charles Hillman, Presidet and CEO
  • Sonja Nelson, Vice President, Resident Initiatives

Columbus Realtist Assoiation

  • Qiana Jones, President

Columbus Urban League

  • Melinda Carter, Vice President, Programing and Strategy
  • Stephanie Hightower, President
  • Monica Womack, Assiciate Vice President

Columbus Woman's Commission

  • Shelly Beiting, Executive Director


  • Pete Carroll, Executive, Public Policy and Industry Relations

Fannie Mae

  • Victoria Elliot
  • Evett Francis, Senior Business Manager
  • Patrick McCarthy, Vice President, Community Lending
  • Maria Vergara, Director, Community Lending

FHLB of Cincinnati

  • Damon Allen, Senior Vice Presidet and Community Investment Officer

Fifth Third Bank

  • Melissa Blount-Gardner, Vice President, Community and Economic Development
  • Todd Donley, Executive, Group Sales Manager
  • Jill Frondorf, Director, Mortgage Sales Effectiveness and CRA

First Commonwealth Bank

  • Stan Foraker, Execitive Vice President, Mortgage Banking 
  • Evan Zuverink, Vice President, Community Reinvestment Act Officer

Franklin County Auditor

  • Samuel Runta, Community Outreach Coordinator

Freddie Mac

  • Michael Dawson, Vice President, Affordable Lending Strategies and Initiatives
  • Letania Gonzales, Manager, Housing Outreach
  • Carmen Mercado, Manager, Affordable Lending Busines Development
  • Stacey Walker, Director, Housing and Community Outreach

Habitat for Humanity of Mid-Ohio

  • E.J. Thomas, President and CEO

Homeownership Council of America

  • Gabe del Rio, CEO


  • Maude Hill, Senior Vice President, Community and Government Relatons
  • Bruce Luecke, President and CEO 

Homes on the Hill

  • Daniel Ruggiero, Assistant Director, Counseling and Education Program
  • Steve Torsell, Executive Director

Huntington Bank

  • Barbara Benham, Executive Vice President and Chief Public Affairs Offier
  • Jason Fraley, Senior Vice President, Community Lending Director


  • Laird Nossuli, CEO

Innovative Housing Solutions

  • Paul Weech, Principal

Mortgage Bankers Association

  • Steve O'Connor, Senior Vice President, Innovative Housing Solutions
  • Edward Sieler, Associate Vice President, Housing Economics

National Community Stabilization Trust

  • Chris Garland, Manager, Community Development


  • Myia Batie, Underwriting Analyst

Offfice of Congresswoman Joyce Bearry (OH-3)

  • Ernie Davis, District Director

Ohio Housing Finance Agency

  • Katie Fallon, Director, Housing Policy
  • Ryan Gleason, Manager, Outreah and Engagment
  • Erin Higgins, Manager, Residential Lending
  • Tom Walker, Manager, Housing Preservation Development

Ohio Mortgage Bankers Assoiation

  • Don Griffiths, Vice President
  • Jay Pascoe, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer

Ohio State University

  • Stephanie Moulton, Associate Professor
  • Michael Pires, Project Manager

Praxia Partners

  • Sheldon Johnson, Vice President, Community Development


  • Kim Dybvad, Market Manager

United Way of Central Ohio

  • Michael Wilkos, Senior Vice President, Community Impact

YWCA of Columbus

  • Christie Angel, President and CEO
  • Jillian Olinger, Chief Mission Officer

Zillow Group

  • Luke Bell, Manager, Government Relations and Public Affairs, MW Region


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