First time homebuyer? CONVERGENCE Memphis provides resources for helping you achieve your dream of homeownership. Explore resources to help you work with a housing counselor, learn about the homebuying process, get down payment assistance, manage your credit, get post-closing support, sustain your homeownership, and calculate your mortgage. 

Mortgage Programs & Products

Housing Counseling and Homebuyer Education programs provide education on seeking, financing, owning, and maintaining a home. These programs also assist homeowners in need of foreclosure assistance. Counseling is provided by HUD-approved housing counseling agencies.

Down Payment Assistance

If you are ready to purchase a home but would like extra help, information is available to help you determine which down payment assistance program may fit your needs. Please click on the links below to learn more about the various local, state, and national programs available.

Down Payment Assistance Finder

Managing Your Credit

Money management courses help teach how to pay your bills on time every month. The programs will also work to reduce the amount you owe, especially on revolving debt like credit cards.

How to Navigate the Purchase Transaction

Already finished the Housing Counseling and Homebuyer Education courses and ready to start the purchasing process? Check out the resources for Working with a Real Estate Agent below.

Mortgage Calculators

Not sure if you can afford a mortgage? These online calculators will help identify the mortgage you can afford based on your debt-to-income ratio.