Wholesale Lending Survey

MBA launched its Wholesale Lending Survey in Q3 of 2020 to provide greater insight into the broker wholesale and non-delegated correspondent production channels. On a quarterly basis, MBA collects the following data from its member originators:

  • Monthly originations - $, #, and average loan sizes - by production channel: broker wholesale; non-delegated correspondent; delegated correspondent; and retail/consumer direct
  • For the broker wholesale and non-delegated correspondent channels only:
    • Monthly originations ($) by loan purpose: purchase vs. refinance
    • Monthly originations ($) by product type: government vs. conventional
    • Quarterly production turn times (# of days)
    • Quarterly production pull-through (% of $)
  • Major thoughts, concerns, and general lender sentiment

In exchange for providing their data, survey participants receive customized summary reports that compare their own company's data to the aggregate results, allowing them to benchmark themselves quickly and easily against peers. Data is aggregated on a simple and weighted average basis, as well as by percentile, to give participants a more in-depth understanding of their place within the market.

To ensure confidentiality, MBA's Wholesale Lending Survey is conducted as a "blind" survey. All survey results are aggregated, and individual company results are never displayed to other participating companies.

Download Sample Survey


Interested in participating? Contact Jon Penniman at [email protected]