Warehouse Lending Survey

MBA's Warehouse Lending Survey collects statistics on monthly warehouse lending activity in order to provide survey participants timely and relevant benchmarking data. Survey participants are asked to report on a variety of metrics, including:

    • Total monthly fundings by origination channel
    • Average daily balances and month-end volumes of outstanding borrowings across 10 debt facility types
    • Debt facility limits and sub-limits
    • Debt facility usage levels
    • Number of active borrowers
    • Average number of days in warehouse
    • Funding program agreement utilization
    • Rate index utilization
    • Temporary "bulge" financing
    • Borrower covenant violations
    • Warehouse lender sentiment

In exchange for providing data, survey participants receive customized summary reports that compare their own company's data to the aggregate results, providing participants a quick and easy benchmarking tool to mark themselves against their peers. Data is aggregated on a simple and weighted average basis, as well as by percentile, in order to give participating companies a more in-depth understanding of their place within the industry.

To ensure confidentiality, MBA's Warehouse Lending Survey is conducted as a "blind" survey. All survey results are aggregated and individual company results are never displayed to other participating companies.


Interested in participating? Contact Jon Penniman at [email protected].