CONVERGENCE Columbus is a cross-sector partnership and multi-year initiative to increase Black and minority homeownership in Columbus, Ohio. It brings together leaders from across the community to solve big challenges. CONVERGENCE Columbus is housed at the Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio and was originally launched by the Mortgage Bankers Association, the Ohio Housing Finance Agency, and the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University. 

Read the 2023 CONVERGENCE Columbus Report.


Outreach & Education: Inspire consumers to consider homeownership. We will create and implement strategic marketing and education efforts to address common myths about homeownership and attract aspiring Black homeowners.

Products & Programs: Facilitate homeownership gains among consumers. We will create and/or provide affordable lending programs and products to assist aspiring Black homeowners.

Preservation & Sustainability: Prevent homeownership losses among consumers. We will create and/or provide programs and services to help Black homeowners stay in and maintain their homes.

Housing Supply: Facilitate the creation of new single-family and small multi-family homes of up to 4 units. We will pilot test the CoreLogic Affordable Homeownership Solution.

Research & Evaluation: Track and evaluate the overall progress and success of CONVERGENCE Columbus. We will develop, design, and pilot an evaluation framework/scorecard for CONVERGENCE.



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