Mortgage Banking Commercial/Multifamily Compensation Survey Program

MBA encourages members of the commercial real estate finance industry to participate in the Real Estate Compensation Module, developed and administered by Aon. Participating in compensation programs allow organizations to better align their pay philosophies with the current market environment.

The Real Estate Compensation Module profiles over one hundred positions across multiple lines of business and functional areas within the commercial/multifamily real estate finance industry. The survey enables firms to view compensation levels by function, specialization, business, or product group, and in conjunction with scope factors such as geographic location and firm type.

The full product listing includes:

  • Compensation-Level Benchmarking
  • Scope of Business and Methods of Pay Analysis
  • Customized Reporting
  • Download More Information

Download More Information

As in the past, MBA members receive a discount. Registration and participation in the program is required in order to receive the results.

For more information, email Rob Northway or Dave Rosenthal at McLagan,  or one of the following MBA contacts: Jamie Woodwell at (202) 557-2936 or Marina Walsh at (202) 557-2817.

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