Leading Mortgage Organizations: Essentials for Executives and Board Members

MBA has developed a robust program intended to empower your board members and senior executives to confidently and proficiently lead your organization. The training modules are specifically curated and structured to provide board members with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to navigate complex mortgage challenges, identify opportunities, and understand and mitigate risks that may arise at any point in the single-family loan lifecycle.

From understanding fiduciary responsibilities to mastering complex mortgage concepts, our training is delivered by best-in-class instructors who understand your business and can answer your most challenging questions. Your leadership team will walk away as stronger industry professionals and individuals that you can count on to make the right decisions.

Elevate your board's effectiveness, enhance stakeholder and supervisory trust, and position your organization for long-term success with the only mortgage-focused training of its kind.


Essentials for Executives and Board Members Program Modules

Each module has been developed in consultation with MBA senior leaders and leading industry professionals. Companies can elect to take advantage of all the modules below or choose specific topics that fit the organization’s needs. Modules can be delivered virtually or in-person and run no longer than two hours. At the conclusion of each session, MBA provides a letter of completion that includes the module title, instructor, date of the session, and attendee names.

Module I: Basics of Board Duties and Ethics for Mortgage Lenders and Servicers            
  • The importance and purpose of the Board
  • Being informed, asking the right questions, asking the hard questions
  • What is your role as a Board member?
  • Basics of fiduciary responsibilities
  • Liability of the Board, protecting the company, protecting yourself
  • Evaluation of the skill sets and what might be missing
Module II: Profitability and Benchmarking in Mortgage Finance
  • Servicing: Delinquencies, forbearance, loss mitigation and workouts 
  • Servicing: Direct Cost to service and its components
  • Servicing: Net operating income and net financial income
  • Servicing: Productivity
  • Home Equity Lending and Servicing
  • Originations: Revenue, expense, and net production income for IMBs
  • Originations: Peer Group data on profitability by channel
  • Originations: Peer Group data on productivity
Module III: Compliance Management
  • The Regulatory Landscape
  • Consumer Financial Protection Laws
  • Privacy and Credit Reporting Laws
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Suspicious Activities Laws
  • Communication Laws
  • Residential Loan Servicing Laws
Module IV: Risk Management (pick 2)
  • Fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management
  • Credit Risk
  • The Role of Risk Management
  • Mortgage Origination Risk Management
  • Secondary & Asset Liability Risk Management
  • Mortgage Servicing Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Financial Risk (e.g. Liquidity risk, capital risk)
  • Non-Financial Risk
Module V: Fraud and Cybersecurity
  • Trends and recent incidents
  • Types of fraud
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Never too small, never too big
  • Questions Board Members Should Ask Company Leadership
Module VI: Corporate Social Responsibility, DEI, and ESG
  • Disclosure requirements dependent on company type
  • Distinguish between required vs voluntary disclosures
  • Litigation and reputational risk
  • Evolution of fiduciary responsibilities
  • Assessing organizational DEI programs and pillars
Module VII: The Mortgage Landscape
  • Mortgage Banking Models
  • Origination Channels
  • Approaches to Servicing
  • Role of the GSEs and FHFA
  • Government Agencies and Lending
  • Title, Mortgage Insurance, and Other Service Providers
  • Regulators: Federal and State
Module VIII: Mortgage Servicing Rights
  • Business Profit Dynamics
  • History and Trends
  • MSR Valuation and Approaches
  • Risk Factors
  • The Current MSR Market
  • Mortgage Excess Servicing


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