Once you have acquired the 150 CMB points, you are ready to move to the examination phase. The exam is conducted in two parts: six-hour written exam and one-hour oral exam. During this phase, you need to complete the following items:

  • Identify your CMB sponsor
  • Review the exam outline
  • Meet with your CMB sponsor and discuss your preparation
  • Email the following to [email protected]:
    • Your exam date
    • Your proctor's name, phone number, and email
    • Your sponsor's approval for you to sit for the CMB exam
If you don't have a CMB in mind to serve as your sponsor, we can assist in locating one for you. The role of the CMB sponsor is to help guide and coach you through this process. Your sponsor is a dedicated professional who is voluntarily giving their time to help you prepare for your CMB exam. They want you to succeed, but realize the best preparation will come from your efforts. Read more about the candidate and sponsor roles. 

Phase I - The Written Exam

Written Exam Prep: The exam outline is a guide that provides you with topics covered on the CMB exam. You should use it as a guideline to help you establish your study plan. Since each individual enters the program with unique experiences and professional backgrounds, it is difficult to dictate a uniform study plan for each candidate.

It is recommended that you review the outline and then discuss each item with your CMB sponsor. You should be forthcoming with your knowledge during this discussion; your CMB sponsor can assist you in a course of study that best suits your experience within the industry. MBA Education designation staff will also help you identify courses to round out your preparation. Please contact [email protected].

MBA Education also offers a six-week CMB Instructor-Led Online Prep Course. This course is conducted via the Web to provide maximum convenience for your busy schedule. You will have access to CMB experts who will provide you with valuable feedback and guidance. You will also be able to interact with your fellow CMB candidates. View our events calendar or contact [email protected] for upcoming dates

Online Written Exam: Schedule your online written exam with us by emailing [email protected]. Once your exam is scheduled, we will contact someone to act as your proctor, usually someone within your human resources department or a senior officer of your firm. We will provide your proctor with instructions to administer the exam, and your proctor will facilitate your online written exam in person in order to monitor your exam time. You will have approximately six hours to complete the exam and it must be finished within one day. You will be allowed time for breaks and lunch. This is not an open book examination.

You will receive the results of your written exam within two to three weeks. If you do not pass all of the six sections, you will only need to complete the section you do not pass. Passing rate is 75% or better. There is no retest or re-examination fee.

Phase II - The Oral Exam

Oral Exam Prep: To prepare for the oral exam, you should focus your efforts on mastering all current industry issues. During this oral exam, you will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of topics that effect the industry. You will need to be aware of pending legislation and MBA's position on these issues.

You should be familiar with the topics of NewsLink articles, as well as any additional industry publications. You will also need to contact your sponsor and schedule a mock oral exam. Remember, your sponsor has been in your shoes and is in the best position to help you prepare.

Oral Exam: The oral exam is a one-hour examination with a panel of two to three CMB designees. These exams are conducted at various locations around the country throughout the year. Space at each location is limited, so be sure to reserve your preferred location early. Once you have passed the written exam, you will be given your appointment time and confirmation notice. You should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment time.

You will be escorted into the exam room and introduced to the CMB panel. They will ask series of six to seven questions. Once the exam is completed, you will be asked to excuse yourself from the room while the CMB panel deliberates. You will then be escorted back to the room where the panel will provide you their decision.

If you are accepted, you will be immediately congratulated and awarded your CMB pin.

If you are not accepted, you may be re-tested by another CMB panel, typically on the same day.

Upcoming Oral Exam Dates: Oral exams are held several times throughout the year and will be announced once scheduled.

Contact [email protected] for a schedule of exam dates and locations.

CMB Sponsorship Guidelines

Download the CMB Sponsorship Agreement (PDF).