State Mortgage Market Profile

Complimentary for MBA Members (a $600 savings), the State Mortgage Market Profile is a quarterly report delivered straight to your inbox which combines several of the most popular economic measures in an easy-to-read, one-page report for all 50 states (plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico). Each profile contains select measures at the state level, and shows the same measures at the national level for comparison purposes. View our definitions of terms. 

This offer is available to any active MBA member, and is available for purchase by nonmembers. These reports will be delivered once a quarter in December, March, June and September. Your subscription will start with the next report delivery. Subscriptions are valid for one year, at which point they must be renewed.

Metrics included (shown at the  State and National level for each report):

  • Unemployment rate
  • Total non-farm employment
  • Private non-farm employment figures
  • Government employment figures
  • Seriously delinquent rate
  • Foreclosure starts rate
  • Housing stock (owned units, vacant units)
  • Annual population
  • Y/Y change in population
  • Homeownership rate
  • Total and FHA loan origination volumes (#, $, average)
  • Refinance share
  • Y/Y change in home price

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