Technology Profile Surveys

MBA began conducting semi-annual technology surveys for its member companies in 2017.  The surveys are designed to be completed by the Chief Information Officers or designates of lending and servicing institutions and discussed at periodic CIO forums.  

MBA's 2022 Technology Profile Survey

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MBA's 2019 Technology Profile Survey

For the most recent study, conducted in September of 2019,  the survey focused on usage of technology in the application process and emerging technologies.  

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MBA and Celent Technology Spending Survey 2018, The Loan Origination Process

For this study, conducted in September of 2018,  MBA joined forces with Celent, a research, advisory, and consulting firm. This survey focused on loan origination technology spending and usage, and mortgage applicant adoption rates.

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MBA's Digital Mortgage Technology Profile Survey

In early 2018, MBA released the results of its Digital Mortgage Technology Profile Survey which looked at how companies define a digital mortgage and where they were in the implementation process for various areas of digital mortgage.  

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