Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and STRATMOR Group have conducted the Peer Group Survey and Roundtable Program jointly since 1998.

Our Core Objectives:

  • Analyze and review data in relation to peers similar to you, as well as to other peer groups that represent your competition
  • Create a program that allows senior management to: evaluate; rethink; reposition 
  • Increase your knowledge of the competitive market landscape
  • Create a forum to share best practices and gain insights
  • Operationalize regulatory change

How the Program Works

Our process begins with the collection of loan production and servicing data via the web. About two weeks after the end of the reporting period, we provide all participants with detailed instructions and definitions for completing our online survey. We also assign an analyst for each company to work with.

Once the data is collected, thoroughly scrubbed by the assigned analyst and adjustments made, we generate a 100+ page databook that displays financial and operating metrics for each individual company within a given peer group. The databook also summarizes simple and weighted average totals for the peer group. Databooks do not contain individual company names, you will be provided a letter code to identify your data. Databooks and presentation materials are provided in electronic format to participants approximately one week prior to the roundtable meeting. Approximately one month after all roundtable sessions are complete, participating companies will receive final databooks, final presentation materials and an aggregate databook containing the simple and weighted averages of each of the 7 peer groups. 

Our roundtable meetings are conducted offsite and typically last a day and a half. Our discussions focus on business strategies, models used, best practices, industry trends, hot buttons, technologies employed, etc. MBA and STRATMOR prepare a detailed presentation (60+ slides) which summarizes the results and provides extensive analysis across all groups and across various reporting periods.

Once all of the roundtables have taken place and any final adjustments have been made, participants receive a final databook in electronic format. The electronic format allows companies to perform their own analyses. In addition, participants receive the updated presentation, which can be used as a template for internal reporting and presentations.

Data Outputs

The survey includes information on the following, among others:

  • Production volume by loan type
  • Production income and expenses (expressed in dollars per-loan and basis points) as well as personnel requirements for the following four channels:
    • Retail
    • Broker Wholesale
    • Correspondent
    • Consumer Direct
  • Breakdown of sales versus fulfillment costs by production channel
  • Production support/post-closing costs and personnel
  • Servicing revenues, expense and volume
  • Personnel and other costs related to technology and corporate allocations
  • Systems/vendors used for more than 15 different functions; company profiles and operating models

More importantly, the PGR program provides anecdotal feedback and perspectives on these metrics that only come from face-to-face discussions with peers of similar size and operating models.

MBA Member Price Benefit

MBA Members receive a discount of 50% or more on the program.

Participation in the PGR is vital to gaining an understanding of your performance and an assessment of current strategies and operating tactics that can be undertaken to maintain competitiveness in the new market environment.

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Want to Learn More?

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(Note: In most cases the data is only available to survey participants.)