DEI Awards Application Tips

As you prepare your submission for the DEI Leadership Award, here are helpful tips to make sure your application and submissions are competitive  according to our guidelines. 

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Award Application Tips

Tell us your company's unique story:

Your application should tell us how your company responded to a specific need or area of opportunity related to DEI. Remember, the goal is to be able to show the impact of your company's DEI efforts. 

Questions to consider:
How did this inform which strategies you implemented? What is your baseline? Where did you see success or experience challenges in addressing this specific area? 

Be specific:
Be sure to provide both qualitative and quantitative metrics that show the progress you have made as a result of the DEI program, strategy, or initiative implemented in your organization. Show us the success and progress your company has made and how you will continue in the effort to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive real estate finance industry. 

Be thorough, but concise:

  • Your application submission should be no more than four pages. If you find you are over the four-page maximum, please edit accordingly. 
  • It can contain all text, or a combination of text and graphics (such as charts or photos).
  • Be sure to capture the true nature of your company's program, strategy, or initiative in your entry. Include all unique aspects that may set your program aside from your competition. 

Submitting your application:

  • Be sure to include your main point of contact on your application should MBA have questions about your submission (i.e. examples of main contacts can be a representative from your HR department, a C-suite executive, or the leader of your diversity program). 

  • Please submit one application per category. For example: If your company has multiple diversity and inclusion programs, strategies, or initiatives under the same category, please submit them collectively. Include highlights from multiple programs under the same category that demonstrate your company's overall dedication to reaching diverse markets and fostering an inclusive workforce.

  • If you are submitting both an Organizational Diversity initiative and a Market Outreach program, please submit them separately as two categories.
  • Please note: Winners of a past Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leadership Award may not apply again for the subsequent two years, regardless of category. Additionally, companies with members currently on the MBA leadership ladder (Chair, Vice Chair, and Chair-Elect) are not eligible.

 If you have questions regarding your entry, please email the DEI team, and be specific about your question.