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FHA Multifamily Training

MBA Education's FHA Multifamily Training programs cover all aspects of underwriting multifamily, affordable, and healthcare facility properties.  Our programs include the most extensive and rigorous curriculums in the industry and are developed in consultation with HUD's Office of Multifamily Programs and expert teams of MAP and LIHTC lenders, affordable housing insiders, underwriters, building engineers, environmental professionals, appraisers, and attorneys. At the end of these comprehensive courses, participants can demonstrate mastery of knowledge, skills, and abilities expected multifamily underwriters.


FHA Underwriter Training Program

FHA Program Typical Schedules

FHA Multifamily Underwriter Training Program
January - June

FHA Affordable 221(d)(4) Training Program
September - January

FHA Multifamily Section 232 Underwriter Virtual Workshop
July - August

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